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Liliana had taught the words of two related languages with her gentle voice, Armin had built roads and bridges between peoples. She came from the land of transparent borders and he from the region of silver lakes. In the twilight of their lives, they decided to retire to a forgotten place, which still belonged to the Wind King.

Over the course of the seasons, Armin and Liliana worked to design the twilight garden on the edge of the two valleys. They placed the best vines that the land could hold and began to talk to each of them. Of those who were lucky enough to taste the wine, all found their parents there: a gust of fragrance followed by a lunar sweetness.

One morning while wandering around Tuscany, Olivier, a shepherd collector, knocked on the doors of Volpaiole, just on the other side of the World. Olivier learned to read the moon, listen to the wind and caress the vine. Love, which had left him, returned to him carried by the echo of the waves of the Gulf of Baratti's giants, which he has since endeavoured to transmit in the wines of Fuori Mondo.