The vineyard

Located on the Maremme hills, on the famous Etruscan coast, delightful sweeping views can be enjoyed including Punta Ala , the island of Giglio , the Island of Elba and even, on a clear day, the peaks of the mountains of Corsica , so beautiful when still cloaked in snow.
Nestling amidst a number of national parks, Volpaiole basks in the influence its wealth of natural flora and very diverse mix of fauna. A stroll around these parts frequently leaves walkers intoxicated with the scents of mint, violet or wild fennel.
Geographical location: located 150-180m above sea-level on clay/schist land facing south/south-east .

Type of cultivation: Guyot pruning.
Density: 4,000 vines/ha.
Production: 20-30 hectoliter/ha.

In the Tuscan dialect, the word Volpaiole means 'Fox corner'. The animal's head was stylised by a German painter as a symbol of the vineyard. Volpaiole thus represents the location where the Fuori Mondo vine terroirs are to be found, branching out into four wines: Lino, Pemà, Amaë and D'Acco.

  Nom Prix Quantité Total HTVA TVA Total TVAC
bouteille Amaë 2009 Volpaiole Amaë 2009Volpaiole Amaë 2009 - 0,75 Lt 27,5 EUR 6 136,36 EUR 21 % 165 EUR
  Delivery fee   14,88 EUR 21 % 18 EUR
  Total TVAC 183 EUR
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