The legend

With her gentle voice, Liliana had taught the words of two related languages, and Armin had laid out the roads and built bridges between the peoples. She was from the land of the unmarked borders, while he hailed from that part of the world where the lakes mirror the silvery peaks above them. In the twilight of their life, they decided to withdraw to a place forgotten by all, a country which still belonged to the Lord of the Winds, the Lord who had clad these hills in oak and stone pine, who allowed the fox, the boar and the jay to live at peace together, unaware of lurking danger.

But on the arrival of Armin and Liliana one sweet summer night, the Wind took fright, fearing that this forgotten paradise would be disturbed once again by Man. He strove to drive them out with powerful squalls, just as he had chased away the people of San Silvestro a thousand years before. But these squalls, driving aside the clouds, unveiled the Moon Queen. She bent down benevolently over the humans, bathing them in her light, and said to her King: «I am fond of these humans, they love one another. They shall become the guardians of this valley, and we shall help them and protect them».

With the passing of the seasons, Armin and Liliana worked hard to create the garden of the evening of their life within the embrace of these dales. They sowed the best vine seedlings that the country could grow and gazed upon them, listening to them speak with them both. Those who were lucky enough to taste the wine they created immediately recognised its provenance: a squall of perfumes followed by the sweetness of moonlight.

One morning of Tuscan wandering, Olivier, in his quest for the shepherds' wisdom, knocked at the gates of Volpaiola, just the other side of the World. Liliana and Armin taught him to read the Moon, understand the Wind, and to love the Vine. Love, which had abandoned him, found him again carried on the echo of the waves of the Gulf of the Giants of Baratti. He decided there and then to carry the wine to the tables of the Horizon and to
share the love it holds with those who have forgotten its virtues.

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